Monday, December 29, 2008

A Supremacist Reflection

What the Zionists of Israel committed against the Palestinians of Gaza starting on the 26th of December 2008 was – and is - tantamount to state-sponsored sanctioned murder. This fact will be hidden by the official rhetorical response by the supremacist Jewish state: “Israel is sick and tired of Katyusha rockets being launched at its citizens. Therefore it has every right to protect itself.” In essence, this is correct. However, the essence of this line does not reflect the “whole” truth.

Let’s return to 1948. With Zionist lies and propaganda aside, 750,000 Palestinians were unceremoniously executed, displaced and removed from their homeland they inhabited with Jews, Christians, and Druze for over 2000 years. Since Zionism was – and is – an eastern European Jewish nationalist idea, it has used in the past (Number 10 Downing Street), as it does today (Washington), the world’s superpower to justify further expanding its territories.

And what has stood in its way – ever since 1967 – has been the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. And what better way to “reclaim” a never truly claimed land was to provoke the Palestinians into ending an unworkable ceasefire to set the pretext for an all-out attack on Gaza. All this coupled with a 40-year-old illegal occupation.

And that is the problem, and solution, to the world’s most unnecessary and uncontroversial conflict. End the illegal occupation to end the conflict. End the conflict and you have only one possible outcome: peace. But this formula is anathema to the Zionist idea, since it would be an open admission of committing the ethnic cleansing of Palestine – in name, people and identity –since 1948.

So please do not fall into the proverbial trap of world condemnation against Israel as being in any way “ant-Semitic”. What most of the world seems to either not know – or blissfully ignore – is that all Arabs and Jews are Semites. So the fact that much of the world does its best to prolong the conflict is in itself the most blatant form of Anti-Semitism – against Jew and Arab.

So understanding why Israel unmercifully attacked Gaza on the 26th of December 2008 is a matter of historical reflection. For how can an illegal occupier justify murder against those it illegally occupies? How can an openly supremacist state be seen as a victim when it has kept a military, territorial and economical stranglehold on a people who have been asking for their own state since 1948? It simply defies comprehension. Sadly, Israel cannot afford peace. For peace would mean ending the Zionist dream, a dream the Palestinian people are not a part of.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I was once a lost child alone in sand swept plains
Roaming a Bedouin trail, oblivious to your reality
Where families fought and despots reigned
Oh how we lacked your morals, ideals and civility!

Then, suddenly, black gold emerged afoot
The earth bore riches vast and surreal
You were desperate and knew where to look
We were open to your economic deal

Sand soon turned into mass construction
Your guards stationed upon our land
The immigrant enslaved to our materialism
Forever indebted, you asked for our hand

You sponsored our brothers against the Red army
From where a great warrior emerged from the fog of war
His freedom fighters fought for our interests gallantly
But alas, he went astray and hence our friend no more

And when fifteen of our sons met your two great pillars, your silence was key
Even our evil brother's family flew away void of suspicion into the night
Instability justifies your presence now and eternally
Till' death do us part, may this marriage exist inconspicuously


Hegemony, colonialism, imperialism, empire
Words whose spirit was cast long ago in desire
An insatiable lust to capture everything
Soon civilization will have no meaning

For to capture means to rule, own and control
To manufacture consent to the idea they have no soul
To cast dispersion on thy enemy you have created and defined
To sponsor terrorism, denounce it and then appear refined

The land of the free, the home of the brave
A nation built by sweat and blood of the slave
The Romans’ called the foreigner “Barbarian”
No! One cannot mix state and religion

Good verses evil in the Hollywood vein
A few million displaced, a few million slain
The masked man’s Jihad verses Rambo’s gun
There is no doubt who has won

A clash of civilizations is the story sold
A picture of truth seldom heard or told
How about “East versus West” to set the scene?
Where we remain numb and ignorant in their dream

Friday, December 26, 2008

An existing occupation

How can I recognise your right to exist when you deny my right to live?
How can you yearn for peace when it is peace you cannot give?

How do we negotiate when we are not part of the negotiations?
How can we build bridges when you tear down all relations?

How come you cannot see that David has become Goliath?
How can the world see the truth if forever it is covered by myth?

Let me breath, let me move, allow me my right to unrestrained existence
But if not, you shall forever build a wall sprayed with bloodied resistance

Thursday, December 25, 2008

But a word?

Words are but empty vessels afloat at sea reaching for shore…

…illness searching for cure…

…body void of limb…

…at the mercy of the winds.

The Arab

I am an Arab yet what does that mean
An image construed deep in dream
For many have written but seldom lived
The life of an Arab to be forsaken with

Is the Arab a “we” or an “I”
A place indiscernible to the eye
Is the Arab condemned to politic and war
A doubting man never quite sure

Enigmatic the Arab though he can be seen
A distant image, a lost dream
A man adrift, forever defined
By empty souls and careless minds