Sunday, December 28, 2008


Hegemony, colonialism, imperialism, empire
Words whose spirit was cast long ago in desire
An insatiable lust to capture everything
Soon civilization will have no meaning

For to capture means to rule, own and control
To manufacture consent to the idea they have no soul
To cast dispersion on thy enemy you have created and defined
To sponsor terrorism, denounce it and then appear refined

The land of the free, the home of the brave
A nation built by sweat and blood of the slave
The Romans’ called the foreigner “Barbarian”
No! One cannot mix state and religion

Good verses evil in the Hollywood vein
A few million displaced, a few million slain
The masked man’s Jihad verses Rambo’s gun
There is no doubt who has won

A clash of civilizations is the story sold
A picture of truth seldom heard or told
How about “East versus West” to set the scene?
Where we remain numb and ignorant in their dream

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