Sunday, December 28, 2008


I was once a lost child alone in sand swept plains
Roaming a Bedouin trail, oblivious to your reality
Where families fought and despots reigned
Oh how we lacked your morals, ideals and civility!

Then, suddenly, black gold emerged afoot
The earth bore riches vast and surreal
You were desperate and knew where to look
We were open to your economic deal

Sand soon turned into mass construction
Your guards stationed upon our land
The immigrant enslaved to our materialism
Forever indebted, you asked for our hand

You sponsored our brothers against the Red army
From where a great warrior emerged from the fog of war
His freedom fighters fought for our interests gallantly
But alas, he went astray and hence our friend no more

And when fifteen of our sons met your two great pillars, your silence was key
Even our evil brother's family flew away void of suspicion into the night
Instability justifies your presence now and eternally
Till' death do us part, may this marriage exist inconspicuously

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