Saturday, January 3, 2009

The lonely occupier

It is one thing to be occupied. Another to be occupied illegally. Physically. Economically. Politically. Geographically. Militarily. Despotically. Dictatorially. Mentally. Spiritually.

Like a man who rapes a woman and rapes her again when she fights back, Israel’s ethnic cleaning of the Palestinian entity has no bounds. For over six decades, Palestine has been ravaged by a man who wishes to live alone. A man who uses a past not his own to justify his future existence – at the expense of a woman whose only crime was to exist at all.

Her presence makes him ill. Her rebellion fuels his incessant assault and dispossession of her soul. Hence, rape becomes a just cause in pursuit of his ultimate goal – a world shaped in his own image. A world barren, desolate, just like him. A world he only occupies.

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