Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Road Map to Zion

While Washington and Israel speak of establishing a "road map" to peace with a people they cannot afford to grant statehood to, the Zionist train continues to carve out an ever-expanding map of Israel at the expense of historic Palestine. This paradoxical set of actions ensures a road of continuous conflict that provides Israel an excuse to punish the Palestinians into total submission – and out of Palestine - forever.

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  1. Totally Irrational journalists.
    I often wonder why journalists who see themselves as rational,can cheat themself and others so much?and are there no editors ashamed of this? I mean, what motivates Western editors? In other words, when nearly 300 Jewish children in Israel were killed by Palestinian violence, than the newspaper (rightly) say,that the world´s community must protect Jews in Israel, but now that there are nearly 300 Palestinian children killed by Israeli violence, the newspapers try to blame Hamas for the Israeli war crimes. This is totally irrational!. How can the-editors and indeed the vast majority of Western commercial journalists live with this irrationality?